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Please see below for a brief description of different types of material.
Pique fabric has a rough feel to the touch. This is knitted fabric, which means it has depth too it. Small stitching does not do well on this type of fabric because of the depth. There are ways to get around that with background stitching and different types of medium that we can place on top of the fabric. It also happens to push thru designs that have a lot of filled in stitches, like a completely filled stitched circle. Also because it is a knit, pique fabrics are an easy wash & wear item. There are many different type of pique, but all are essentially knit fabrics.

Jersey fabric is also a knit fabric but is smooth too the touch. This fabric is easier to stitch on but is much thinner and can make holes in the fabric if you use really tight lettering. We adjust your logo to fit the medium you have chosen.

T-shirt fabric is a lot like jersey knit in the feel and wear ability. The weight of the t-shirt fabric makes all the difference in how it stitches. Pretty much you get what you pay for.

Interlock fabrics are extremely soft to the touch and have great wear ability. They do have depth in the fabric so watch out for small lettering adjustments.

Special Fabrics in Golf Shirts:
Herringbone: This is a cross grained fabric which gives a different look to your shirt
Mercerized: This is a treatment done to the fabric to give it a shine or sheen look. The actual fabric is close to jersey knit.
Drop needle: This is a special indented look as though lines have been added to you shirt.
These fabrics can be stitched on and look really good, but they are also more expensive than your normal golf shirt.

Woven fabrics are exactly that, the thread is woven in and out of each other which gives it a very flat stitching surface. Designs look great on wovens because there is no depth to the fabric and stitching can’t fall between the cracks so to speak. Denims, oxfords, twills, poplin, broadcloth and micro fiber are all used in making wovens. These fabrics are very stable and wear and wash well.

Jackets/Wind shirts:
Jackets with heavy linings or inside pockets make embroidery application tougher than normal. The stitching itself looks great because they are made of woven fabrics. Windshirts are easier to hoop and stitch than lined jackets. Light lined jackets are easier then heavy quilted linings. 

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